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Press Releseases

1. Caleta D. (2017) Critical Infrastructure in Electro-energetic sector – importance of threat evaluation, Professional Magazine “Corporate Security” Vol. November 2017, number 15/3, p.22-24. (could be reached only in Slovenian language) (magazine is published in print and electronic version)   More information available here

2. Novak N. (2017) Corporate Security has for ELES company special importance, Professional Magazine “Corporate Security” Vol. March 2017 number 13/1, p.16-18. (could be reach only in Slovenian language) (magazine is published in print and electronic version)  More information available here

3. Bahun, P., Jančič, B., Habjan, V., Jakomin, M. (2017) Slovenian electro economy successful follows the innovative trends. Magazine Naš stik (year 2017, number 5, pp. 35-36) (could be reached only in Slovenian language) (magazine is published in print and electronic version) More information available here

4.  Press Release of ELES  releated to DEFENDER at Portal Zeleno omrežje (Green Slovenia Network). More Information available here

5. Press Release of E-LEX related to DEFENDER at on 20 November 2018 in Rome (in Italian)  More Information available here

Web publications

1.  Šalamun, A. (2017) ELES Obtains EUR 1 Million in EU Funds to Protect Critical Energy Infrastructure,NET (English language) (Slovenian lanuage)

2. Bahun, P. (2017) ELES uspešen pri pridobivanju evropskih sredstev, magazine »Naš stik« Slovenian power distribution magazine (Only in Slovenian language)(Available at Link)

3. Hočever, B. (2017) Eles je v okviru mednarodnega konzorcija pridobil evropska sredstva za projekt za zaščito elektroenergetske kritične infrastructure, Finance – Okolje in energija (Only in Slovenian language) (Available at Link )

4. Slovenian Press Agency (2017) Elesu evropska sredstva za projekt zaščite elektroenergetske kritične infrastrukture (Only in Slovenian language)(Available at Link)

5. Online journal Medialaws (December 2017) Carmela Occhipinti: Data Protection by Design: a multifaced concept 

6. ELES adapts to the energy challenges of the future (2017) Revija Varčujem z energijo in spletna stran varcevanje-energije.si (Only in Slovenian language)(Available at Link)

7. Mervar, A. (2018) Smart cities and communities are closely linked to smart grids. Portal Eko dežela (Only in Slovenian language)(Available at Link)

8. DEFENDER’s activities are in line with plans (2018) Portal Zeleno omrežje (Only in Slovenian language) (Available at Link)

9. Giovanni Maria Riccio, E-LEX  (Oct. 2019) “How to protect critical infrastructures and how to manage user data with the blockchain”  (Only in Italian language) (Available at Link)

Scientific Publications

1. K. Fotiadou,T. Velivassaki , A. Voulkidis, D. Skias , C. Santis, T. Zahariadis, “Proactive Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection via Deep Feature Learning,” Energies 202013(10), 2622; https://doi.org/10.3390/en13102622 (Gold Open Access)

2.  K. Fotiadou, T. Velivassaki, A. Voulkidis, K. Railis, P. Trakadas and T. Zahariadis, “Incidents Information Sharing Platform for Distributed Attack Detection,” in IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, doi: 10.1109/OJCOMS.2020.2989925. (Gold Open Access)

3. Zhang X., Chandramouli K. (2019) Critical Infrastructure Security Against Drone Attacks Using Visual Analytics. In: Tzovaras D., Giakoumis D., Vincze M., Argyros A. (eds) Computer Vision Systems. ICVS 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11754. Springer, Cham. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-34995-0_65

4. Giovanni Maria Riccio and Fabiola Iraci Gambazza “Dottoressa in Giurisprudenza. Critical Infrastructures, Use of Drones and Data Protection”. Diritto Mercato Technologia, numeri speciali 2020. ISSN (Online Edition): 2239 -7442. https://www.dimt.it/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/completo-Riccio-DEFENDER-Drones-and-Gdpr.pdf