Press Release of ELES  releated to DEFENDER at Portal Zeleno omrežje (Green Slovenia Network)

A short translation in Englishis available here.

ELES has been actively participating in the international project Defender for a good year. Its goal is to identify the risks to the critical energy infrastructure and the services it provides, the preparation of an information environment for early risk identification and raising awareness among staff about measures to reduce them. The project includes partners that together cover the entire electricity system, such as electricity, transmission, distribution network and end-users. ELES and its partners are currently preparing scenarios for pilot projects, in which we will examine how the identification of the security threats posed by network invasion attempts using a combination of human, cybernetic and physical factors can be identified. In pilot projects, we will check, is it possible to effectively identify such activities with existing methods of protection or analysis of a combination of information coming from different security systems? In the next phase of the project we will also prepare measures to protect them. The project, which will last three years, includes 18 partners from nine countries and is co-financed by the Horizon 2020 program

More information (in Slovenian language) can be found in the following link.