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Pilot #4: Distribution System Operator (DSO) power network and C&I Prosumer (Italy)

Pilot #4 will be implemented by ASM Terni and will validate DEFENDER at DSO and prosumer level. The Terni pilot is equipped with several LV power network branches, substations  and a surplus of locally generated power from local fluctuating RES, not locally used, which creates reverse power flows through the MV/LV secondary substation and gives rise to significant demand-supply imbalance.

Additionally, an existing, third-party-owned rural microgrid as Distributed Energy Resource will be considered, whose local monitoring (SCADA) and control systems are connected to the ASM power network subsystems through a smart decentralized secondary substation.

Terni pilot is aimed to validate a cooperative cyber-physical security framework by indirectly involving non-DSO owned RES/prosumers and flexible generation/loads (e.g. local microgrids), able to integrate large share of RES, while cooperating with local prosumers (e.g. non-grid owned local microgrid) which temporally enable the DEFENDER framework to mitigate abnormal, significantly increased energy demand, incidents, cyber-physical attacks, and demonstrate CEI fast fault localization, fault isolation and smart-grid self-recovery via power flow re-routing.

A suitable combination of DEFENDER mitigation tools will be demonstrated. Fine-grained power network monitoring and control will be adapted from the PMU-based Wide Area Monitoring System, developed by JSI within the context of the FP7 SUNSEED project, which measures the electrical waves on the CEI and detect the MV network state (synchrophasors). Within DEFENDER, whenever there is a (potential) fault in the line is detected, the cyber-security detection system may drive the physical-security system (swarm of drones), so that the combined framework can be decisive to reduce the time that a line is down, since the cause of the fault is potentially found in a fraction of time.
Hence, a proactive security lifecycle management and proactive maintenance, monitor and inspect anomalies or damages on the power lines and the electrical isolators along the CEI.

Finally, a tailored Data Protection Assessment will be carried out to manage and protect confidential non-grid owned energy consumption (local microgrid) data. In particular local microgrid operates to provide electricity and heat to a countryside farmhouse and may be used to provide islanding services to the ASM Terni network.