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Defender validation

DEFENDER results will be validated on a state of the art CEI laboratory emulator (RWTH, Germany) and 4 real life trials (France, Italy and Slovenia), to evaluate, validate and demonstrate how and to what extent the DEFENDER framework will enable an effective holistic cyber-physical security along the principal installations whose CEI consists of: generation plants, either traditional (Combined Cycle Gas fired power plant in France, ENGIE) either decentralized electricity generation (wind farm in Italy, BFP); transmission power network (Slovenia, ELES), distribution (MV/LV) power grid and Industrial prosumer (in Italy, ASM).

Integration Infrastructure

To support the system realisation with minimal impact on the running services, DEFENDER will utilise a Continuous Integration strategy. As shown in Figure 9, the latest version of the software will be automatically integrated and a new version of it will be built and deployed on the Integration Infrastructure, which will be the RWTH CEI Laboratory Emulator.

RWTH defender CEI Laboratory Emulator

DEFENDER trial site locations

Generation Plants

Transmission System Operator (TSO)

Distribution System Operator (DSO)

Pilot #1: Bulk Energy Generation (France)
Pilot #2: Wind Farm Decentralized RES Generation (Italy)
Pilot #3: Transmission System (TSO) power network (Slovenia)

Pilot #4: Distribution System (DSO) power network C&I Prosumer (Italy

Pilot #1 will be deployed on the ENGIE plans using as a testing place the COmbigolfe Combined Cycle Gas fired power plant, located in the industrial area of Fos sur Mer, on the Mediterranean sea. Its power rating is 424 MW, it has a high efficiency – ~58% -, as it associates a gas turbine for the high temperature stage with a classical steam turbine for the lower temperature stage.


Pilot #2, located in Erchie (Brindisi) in Southern Italy, will be related to the deployment of the DEFENDER security management framework in a decentralized wind farm with a capacity of 30 MW, comprising 15 wind towers.


The Pilot #3 will be deployed at ELES, the Slovenian Transmission System Operator for High Voltage power network. Individual parts of its HV transmission network are within the scope of critical infrastructure and thus essential for the continuity of the operation of the electricity Power system on the national and EU level.


Pilot #4 will be implemented by ASM Terni and will validate DEFENDER at DSO and prosumer level. The Terni pilot is equipped with several LV power network branches and substations.