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Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.a. is a leading provider of advanced Information Technology systems and services to diverse commercial and governmental customers, with a particular attention to the Energy and Smart Grid sector. Engineering Group is currently the first IT group in Italy has about 7.000 employees and 40 branch offices.

Thales is a world leader for mission critical information systems, with activities in three core businesses: aerospace (with all major aircraft manufacturers as customers), defence, and security (including ground transportation solutions). It employs 68000 people worldwide (50 countries). It provides its customers with all the key functions in the critical information loop, from detection and processing to transmission and distribution.

SingularLogic is currently the leading Software and Integrated IT Solutions Group in Greece. With a full understanding of the entire range of market requirements, SingularLogic offer advanced and integrated IT systems as well as full support services. The company boasts the largest, most qualitative, and most dedicated nation-wide network of authorised partners, numbering more than 500 partners all over Greece.

SIEMENS is a global powerhouse in electric and electronic industry, a world leader in complex infrastructures solutions and an active provider of sustainable green technologies. Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) develop hardware and software systems and solutions, and a broad range of services for the entire field of information and communication technologies, acting as main driver of innovation inside Siemens.

ELES is the operator of the electric power transmission network of the Republic of Slovenia. With a professional approach, know-how and advanced technology, ELES has been providing safe, reliable and uninterrupted electric power transmission throughout Slovenia and across the borders for 90 years.

ENGIE is a French multinational electric utility company company, headquartered in La Defense, Courbevoie, which operates in the fields of energy transition, electricity and distribution of natural gas, nuclear, renewable energy and Petroleum. It is one of the few players in the sector to develop expert skills in both upstream (engineering, purchasing, operation, maintenance) and downstream (waste management, dismantling) activities. As of 2018, ENGIE employs 158,505 people worldwide.

ASM Terni is fully owned by the local municipality (City of Terni). The activity of the company is related to Production and distribution of Electric Energy Management of public street lighting, environmental Health, drinkable water distribution, water treatment plant and gas distribution.

BFP Group is an engineering & consultancy firm with international offices, applying ten years of experience to offer services worldwide across a broad range of sectors including civil and industrial engineering, renewable energy, oil & gas, along with its own O&M division.

The Ministry of the Interior is a government agency of Italy headquartered in Rome. It is responsible for internal security, the protection of the constitutional order, civil protection against disasters and terrorism, as well as displaced persons and administrative issues. It is made up of 5 departments: public security, immigration and civil liberties, internal affairs, firefighters, public rescue,civil defence and civil personnel.

Dr Frucht Systems Ltd (DFSL) started its operation in 2005. DFSL focuses its activities in high performance Home Land Security products for Virtual Fencing. The Virtual Fencing is implemented by Laser Radars, Seismic Systems and RF solutions, all of them developed and manufactured by the Company. The Company core business is the Laser Radar based products.

Venaka Media Limited (VML) is an SME specializing in the provision of software and services for multimedia processing and communications systems. VML product-oriented core competencies of VML include cloud oriented video coding, multimedia data mining, and end-to-end multimedia communications.

PowerOps Ltd. is an energy analytics start-up company that provides integration and data processing solutions related to smart power grids (Smart Grids) and data centres. PowerOps employs modern algorithmic solutions (including but not limited to ARMAX/ARIMA models, Deep Belief Neural Networks etc.) and state-of-the-art platforms (e.g. Hadoop, IBM Proactive Technology Online and a variety of FIWARE Generic Enablers) in order to provide fast and accurate analytics for data originating from either directly AMI or existing Billing/SCADA/DMS systems.

The vision of the ICS Ljubljana is to create top-level knowledge, technologies and processes in the area of corporative security while managing the entire scope of security risks. ICS Ljubljana will provide for comprehensive management of security risks in business and other environments, economic effectiveness and satisfaction of the users of our services.

As one of the Universities in Germany awarded the status of “Excellence University”, RWTH Aachen University, established in 1870, is a leading technical university in Germany and Europe with over 40,000 students and more than 500 professors.Within this research center, the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems focuses on research for the automation, modernisation and restructuring of electrical energy distribution systems. This research area deals with solutions for monitoring, maintaining and developing complex power systems.

e-Lex Law Firm is an Italian SME located in Rome, offering legal consultancy services to international private and public companies, on Criminal Law, Legal Informatics and Information Technology Law, Cybercrime, Data Protection, Privacy, Intellectual Property, IoT, Social Media, Open Government, Telecommunication, Media Law, Gambling, Consumer Protection, Antitrust, Advertising, Product Liability, Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is the largest state institution of higher learning in Greece, and among the largest universities in Europe. With a student body of about 125000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, over 2000 members of academic staff and approximately 1300 administrative and secretarial staff and specialised personnel, the University of Athens aims at excellence in both teaching and research in a significantly varied range of disciplines.

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the biggest research institute in Slovenia for pure and applied research in the natural sciences and technology. At present the Institute, totaling about 950, has a research staff of about 700. In view of its activities and status, JSI plays a role of a kind of national institute, complementing the role of universities and bridging the gap between science and applications/industry.

UNINOVA is a multidisciplinary, independent, non-profit research institute located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, Portugal. UNINOVA has managed and participated in many national (QREN, FCT, etc.) and international research programmes (FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020, IMS, etc.) during the last 20+ years. UNINOVA pursues excellence in scientific research, technical development and advanced training and education. UNINOVA operates close to industry for ensuring proper technology transfer of results and alignment of RTD work to industrial needs.