DEFENDER participated at Global Blockchains Congress “Convergence 2019” in Malaga, Spain on November 11-13, 2019.

Convergence 2019 has been the the first truly global blockchain conference and brought together the worldwide blockchain community for an intense dialog with regulators, policy makers, industry influencers and members of the social impact community.

The DEFENDER project was represented by Dr. Artemis Voulkidis, who presented the Power Operations’ Ltd Human in the Loop (HITL) solution. Developed within the DEFENDER project, HITL is an intelligent Citizen Centric platform that radically increases efficiency in safety, asset management and restoration of Smart Grid.

Via their mobile phone, Citizens may post a photo or a text informing the Utility for a potential Smart Grid failure, damage, malicious action or incident. To protect the privacy and avoid putting the citizen in risk, the information is anonymized and automatically removed from the mobile phone after transition. Yet, it is geotagged and time stamped and stored in a Blockchains based platform, thus it is traceable and trusted by the Utility.The application has already been tested in the City of Terni (Italy), by the DEFENDER project partner ASM Terni.