Dr. Gabriele Giunta, coordinator of the European project DEFENDER together with Dr. Denis Čaleta, ICS-Ljubljana, gave a presentation of the project to the members of the Operational Security Working Group ENTSO-E.

This working body is the central coordinating group for coordinating security measures within the European Grouping of Electricity Transmission Companies in Europe. At their regular meeting, the members of the mentioned group became acquainted with the latest findings and good practices of the European project DEFENDER, which is in the final phase of operation.

This time the meeting was held in Prague. During the presentation, Dr. Gabriele Giunta and Dr. Denis Caleta highlighted measures and findings in the area of ​​improving processes and policies that could help improve the current European Critical Infrastructure Protection Directive. He also paid considerable attention to the field of standardization and good practices, which will need to be implemented in standardized security processes in the next period.