DEFENDER was successfully tested and validated in the premises managed by BFP Group, in Erchie, Italy.

The pilot activities focused on proving how DEFENDER is able to detect and appropriately mitigate attacks against wind turbines and SCADA systems, validating that it is able to identify and successfully mitigate attacks:

  • Related to attempts towards gaining unauthorized (physical) access to electrical substations;
  • Related to attempts towards gaining unauthorized cyber access to SCADA systems;
  • Performed by drones against wind turbines;

Further, the trial showcased how predictive maintenance of wind turbines by means of drone-captured video analysis can help towards reducing the relevant site stop times, effectively mitigating the site infrastructure aging.


Video- and Human-based detection of drones were successfully employed, coupled with 3D MND systems and continuous, smart network monitoring to fulfil the pilot goals. In all cases, DEFENDER was able to detect and mitigate the identified attacks, also informing Law Enforcement Agencies in cases such an action was required.


Overall, we are pleased to state that the Erchie pilot was a big success!